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Anneliese Moy has worked with clay since 2003 at the Lincoln Square Pottery Studio Learning Center in Chicago. She was searching for creative expression as a way to balance life. An accomplished potter, her work focuses primarily on functional pieces, both wheel thrown and hand built. She teaches the children’s pottery class on Saturdays at LSPS Learning Center.

In 2013 Anneliese built a private studio called Pottery After Dark, which allowed her to amp up production and creativity. Anneliese accepts commissioned orders and enjoys personalizing each piece for individual needs. Her diverse array of work and experience speaks for the many hours spent at the studio (after dark). 


Aside from her love for clay, she is first and foremost a mom to her daughter. Anneliese holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago, and an Art Therapy Certification from Northwestern University. Anneliese runs her private practice in Wicker Park. She is also a Capoeirista, enjoys photography, painting and sketching.

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